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Dr. Jessica Okanlawon is the Founder of Xela Care which was established in 2014. We provide services for individuals with disabilities, professional consulting, executive coaching and therapeutic counselling. Xela Care is a safe and supportive environment where clients can work through identified objectives and make positive changes in their lives. We provide traditional and innovative techniques that focuses on their abilities rather than what society has deemed they are unable to do and maximize potentials.

‘Often times’ individuals or families are perplexed after a diagnosis or event in their lives that causes them to seek guidance and are unaware of the next steps. Our responsibility is to assist the individual and/or family with bridging any gaps. This is achieved by bringing the resources and specialized services directly to the individual and providing guidance in the long but rewarding journey.

This includes an Assessment & Diagnosis, Therapeutic Counselling, Executive Coaching, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Behavior Modification, Social Skills & Integration,Nutrition, Artistic & Musical Exploration, Structured Scheduling, Respite Care, Private In-Home Services, Vocational Skills Training, School Consultants/Training and much more. There is no “one size fits all" so we aim to personalize all services.

Special Needs

When individuals experience behavioral and educational challenges, navigating procedures and services can be stressful and overwhelming for families. Having an informed guide to interpret the process and advocate for rights can decrease anxiety, alleviate uncertainty, and help families make informed decisions with developing specific support plans, behavior modification, developmental concerns, to identify appropriate professionals to assist in the progress of treatment, sensory integration and so much more.


  • Helping parents understand the process of individual support and available interventions
  • Analyzing IEP (Individualized Education Plan) data, progress notes, eligibility, assessment/evaluation and referrals
  • Conducting individual observations
  • Facilitating communication with treatment plan team
  • Attending school meeting with the parents
  • Interpreting educational assessments
  • Researching alternative instructional interventions, programs, or settings
  • Identifying lapses in services.

Topic Areas

  • Developmental Concerns
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Behavior
  • Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Learning & Academics
  • Accommodations & Assistive Technology
  • Managing the Home and Autism
  • Therapies
  • Supplements/Medication
  • Individualized Education Plan Development
  • Daily Living Skills/Adaptive Functional Skills
  • Advocacy

An essential dynamic of our work consists of motivation and patience. It is critical to learning and as your son or daughter becomes familiar and more competent with new skills and a structured environment their confidence, interest, and drive will increase. One of the many strengths of the program is parent/professional collaboration. Always remember you are your child’s first teacher and the home is a natural learning environment. This program heavily involves parents and staff, who will receive training and tips on participating in the treatment. It’s so very important to celebrate the little things and not dwell on the bumps in the road. Having an individual with special needs is is a marathon, not a sprint- and you must pace yourself. Our goal is to help the individual living with autism to reshape their development and embrace new ways of interacting with the world. We look forward to a rewarding journey with you.

Therapeutic Counselling, Executive Coaching and Professional Consultation

With over 10 years’ experience, we are committed to providing solutions that are underpinned by innovative approaches. We ensure we learn what matters most to the people we support and what they want to do with their lives and help make that happen. We believe that every individual will grow and develop, be valued, make choices and be contributing members of the community. Our services are tailored to individual needs and built around supporting people to live purposeful and enjoyable lives with greater INDEPENDENCE in their lives. The people we support are the heart of all we do. We aim to realize as much potential as possible. Progress is one step at a time and by working in partnership with individuals and organizations, it’s our goal to meet their needs and aspirations of individuals while understanding their anxieties and developing ways to minimize the challenges they face. We foster your innate strengths while focusing on results and solutions.

We aim to realize as much potential as possible. Progress is one step at a time and by working in partnership with families it’s our goal to meet their needs and aspirations of individuals while understanding their anxieties and developing ways to minimize the challenges they face.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with clients and the people in their lives to best serve them as they reach their goals while providing the highest quality of care. We foster your innate strengths while focusing on results and solutions.

Our Vision

To optimize personal potential through expanding knowledge, early intervention, encouraging dialogue, increasing awareness and acceptance, and minimizing stigma. Xela Care will evolve, grow, and provide excellence in our community.

Our Values

We have an uncompromising commitment to treat each person with respect as an individual and are devoted to providing unbiased and unwavering confidentiality, goodwill and boundaries when discussing the client’s goals, fears, and concerns. We pride ourselves on the following:

Integrity – We uphold the highest standards in all our actions, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behavior and value transparency and honest communication, relationships and actions.

Perseverance – We utilize our inner strength to remain constant to a purpose, idea or task in the face of obstacles; it includes dedication, consistency and positive outlook.

Collaboration – We work within partnerships with clients, families, staff and any provider of care. Respectful cooperation extends beyond our walls to the community.

Compassion – We are empathetic to all clients and this principle is ingrained in our history and inspires our future. We do more than treat the client but practice centered care.

Trust – We build trust and promote open and honest communications through transparency.

Excellence – We are committed to quality, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Respect – We value people, encourage their development and reward their performances, we value and celebrate the unique and diverse individuals, experiences and perspectives of everyone and treat our clients with sensitivity and respect.